Movem Resoling Service Sand

Movem Resoling Service Sand

650 SEK Aprox 61 Euro Including sales tax

Send your shoes to us at Movem and we will apply the Movem soles for you. We handle every pair as it was our own with attention to each step of the process for the best result. We are so sure on our technique that we leave one year warranty on the work and shipping!

650 SEK Aprox 61 Euro Including sales tax
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We at Movem offer an exclusive sneaker transformation service where you send your shoes to us and we put the Movem Soles on with attention to every detal and material that will give you heavenly dances many years ahead. We are so sure of the technique we use that we offer a one year warranty on the work and return shipping!

How is it done

The process is really simple. First step is that you make sure your shoes is suitable for conversion. Most street shoes will work but there is exception. Shoes with extremely deep ridges or shoes with separated sole and heel might require extra time to transform. Shoes with air filled might not be suitable for the Movem sole. If you are unsure, send a picture of your shoes and we tell you if your shoes are suitable.

The next step is that you select the color of the sole you wish us to put on. then add this product to your shopping cart and go through the checkout process. When your order is confirmed you bring your shoes to the post office and send it to the following address. We recommend you choose delivery option with traceable and insured:


Movem Live
Vincents väg 26
387 92 Borgholm

When we get your shoes first step is to analyze the sole material composition and select proper glue and primer for the best result. We then grind the shoes down to make them fully flat and add filler in any ridges.

The sole surface is processed to give the optimal smooth glide without being slippery. You can choose between all of our three colors, Black, Red and Sand.

Please note

  • Movem takes no responsibility for the shipping of the shoes from the customer to our facility. Any customs or damage is the responsibility of the customer. We recommend our customers to study what rules are applying in your country and getting a shipping alternative that is traceable and including insurance.
  • If the shoe selected has deep ridges or very special design, the price for the conversion might be increased or all out not possible. Cosult us by sending an image of your shoes to us to confirm.
  • After receiving your shoes Movem takes full responsibility for damage or loss of your shoes up to a value of 100 Euro.
  • Movem will ensure the function of the sole for one year for normal use in a normal dancing environment?

All clear, then select your color and lets go!


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