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- Do you know what it takes to get to the top of the dance communtiy?

The story of two passionate dance teachers brought together

The story about Movem starts in the summer of 2015 in a jam packed service house in the camping place of Lundegård, Mårten Angner squeezed himself in to an introduction workshop in Kizomba. before this day, Mårten had tried some different dances during the spring. The experience was Jaw dropping and as he experienced the steps, got swept away by the music and the elegant flow of this dance that would lead him onto a world of travel and fill his life in the years to come!

How we started our dance career

Mårten Angner was born in the university city of Uppsala 70 km north of Stockholm, Sweden. Growing up, dance and music was really no mayor interest since most of his free time was spent building model air planes and other creative crafts.

The introduction so dancing came in the 19´s when Euro trance flooded the dance floors and Mårten, learned a few dance steps from a friend. A new world opened up and creative expression in dance became a major interests. Mårten started to follow DJs, travel to arena trance parties in Amsterdam, London and other places. Electronic dance music, such as House, Trance & techno filled his earphones on a daily basis.

As a career, Mårten chooses to become an Visual artist and Art director and with the rise of the internet, he moved to Stockholm to work as a freelance designer and filling positions at some early web design agencies. The passion for communication, human cognition and spiritual development led Mårten to gradually switch to become a usability consultant and learn an awful lot about how the human mind works, something that would come very handy in the future.

After the life changing experience in the steamy service house at Öland, Mårten started to dance Kizomba as often as it was humanely possible. At this time various forms of Kizomba, Urban Kiz and Semba was available almost.

Yana Mastylenko was born in the youngest Ukrainian town Slavytuch. Started to dance when she was 4 years old. Ballroom dances gave a lot of skills and experience. Everyday training and competitions was the routine from 4 till 17. With entering university Yana stopped dancing career and thought to never come back. 

At the age of 20 Yana has discovered social dancing with salsa and bachata. And in couple of years someone has mentioned “kizomba”. She wanted to know how to perform it and had subscribed for beginners course in Kyiv. Life brought her to Odessa by work occasion, where she started also to develop intensively in kizomba.  In no time she was invited for teaching collaboration. 

Yana couldn’t stay in the office any longer cause desire for dancing,  teaching and free lifestyle had won. 

Collaboration invitation from Mårten was accepted with much pleasure and new developing phase had started in Sweden.

Our organization

Our company is Whiteport AB a limited company registered in Sweden with the organization number: 556927-6982. Klubbacken 49, 12939 Hägersten. You reach us by phone at +4670-7770579 or at