Wondering if you can join…

If you have never danced before?

Check the most popular question and answers! 

Can I come without partner?

Yes, it is possible to come as an individual leader or follower without a partner. We put a lot of effort on invite both leaders and followers to create equal couples to make everyone dance as much as possible. In the classes and social dances we rotate and change partners as often as we can to make it fun for everyone

Can I dance only with my own partner? #Only-my-partner
Yes, it is possible to dance only with your own partner and not rotate if you are more comfortable this way. 

Should I have previous experience in dancing?
Previous experience is not required. We will start from basic steps each lesson. Every dancer has unique skills and are free to develop at their own pace and based on their own skill level! 

Should I have special dancing shoes? 
Please take with you comfortable changing clean inside shoes. And we will tell you more at the class. You do not need to special dancing shoes. In our web shop we have special soles that you can put on any sneakers to make them perfect dancing shoes. Feel free to check them out: https://movem.dance/product-category/dancing-soles/ 

Should I have special dancing clothes?
It is not a requirement. Wear something you feel comfortable moving in. Men usually wear jeans and Teeshirt and women tend to prefer leggings and a top. We have changing rooms available so a useful tip is to bring a clean set of clothing if you come from outside. Hygiene and some fragrance really helps to make you popular on the dance floor. If you like, please feel free to check out our own clothing line available on our web store: https://movem.dance/product-category/dance-fashion/ 

Can I drop in?
Yes, it is possible to drop in with or without a partner. However, if you choose to get a full pass for the whole summer you will get a bunch of classes for free! Who does not wish that?  

Can I take private classes if for some reason I cannot join the main group? 
Yes, private classes are an available option for you. 

Should I bring a smile and positive emotions to the dance studio?
Yes! It is mandatory to come with a smile and positive attitude! If you are just a little bit of a bad day, we will definitely help to cheer you up!