Movem Dancing Soles Red

Movem Dancing Soles Red

180 SEK 220 SEK Aprox 17  - 21 Euro Including sales tax

Transform your favorite sneakers or street shoes to the perfect dancing shoe for any surface with this Bold Red Dancing Sole made in France from a premium quality low friction rubber blend.

180 SEK 220 SEK Aprox 17  - 21 Euro Including sales tax
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The perfect flat dancing shoes should be comfortable and stylish but most importantly have a comfortable smooth slide on any surface. As every dancer knows, finding shoes all of these three boxes checked is almost impossible. Dedicated dancing shoes are available in very limited number of models and do not fit everyone’s taste.

Sneakers are available in all possible shapes and styles but are essentially designed to bite the floor and get a good grip, quite opposite to what we dancers are looking for in our shoes. To avoid squeaking sounds we dancers reside to more or less desperate measures to get our glide. Duck-tape works for just a little bit and baby pouwder or Ground coffee are usually sprinkled on the floor by the organizers to keep us dancers happy.


The more sustainable solution is to retrofit our shoes with swade or leather underneath our sneakers. This works fine, but the result becomes very very delicate and the shoes are destroyed with only a few steps outside. Forget those sweet open air dances we love so much!

Introducing the Bold Red Movem Dancing Soles, made in France by a premium quality low friction rubber blend. This sole can be fitted on virtually any sneaker or street shoes creating the perfectly smooth slide on any surface.

The Magic sole will give a heavenly smooth slide indoors in the dance studio or any venue regardless of powder was applied or not. They work in a club setting where drinks might be spilled or even outdoors on any surface like wood or even grass.

Feel free to put them on your high heal shoes and enjoy added stability and a near indestructible durability while no noticeable difference in comfort compared the swade material originally on most dancing shoes.

Putting the soles on your favourite shoes is a simple process. Make sure you get a size bigger than the sole of the outer dimensions of your shoes. When you receive them, you take them to your local shoe repair store. Any skilled cobbler will know exactly how to put them on and make them stick!


The soles are available in Smooth black or Light Sand colours to complement your favourite dancing sneaker or street shoes. Function should never make you avoid style!

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