Movem Tunique Black

Movem Tunique Black

500 SEK Aprox 47 Euro Including sales tax

Upgrade your wardrobe with this top quality black dance tunique made from one of the most exclusive functional materials on the planet. Elegant, light and breathable it will be a loyal companion in your dance career!

500 SEK Aprox 47 Euro Including sales tax
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Why is there no decent Dancing clothing? This question led to a near three years deep dive in styles preferred by dancers, material science and many hundred hours of dancing in professional level in every possible environments. The result, a street smart collection of must have items in every dancers wardrobe! Flattering, Light and breathable it will help you shine on any dancefloor.

The model is specifically designed to outfit for any dancer equally as elegant for everyday wear, dance training, party or performance, a favorite for every occasion.

The design features a number of deeply appreciated touches that dancers definitely has the right to demand. A molded generous neck line With just the right openings for the arms that will look great with any bra. The front and back is separated under the arm to show just a little skin on the side atop the waist. A clean full back makes the perfect feeling as your feel your leaders every signal. The smoothly flowing back and front piece that will accentuate your every movement.


What really sets this garment apart is the heavenly fabric! As we all know, dancing clothing are made mostly from cheap natural or synthetic fibers either, gradually get out of shape as you wear them or quickly catch embarrassing odors. Here is where the years of material science paid off.

All Movem Performance dance wear is made from one of the most exclusive functional materials manufactured in accordance to ISO 14001:2015 with care in just outside of Milan, Italy. The production is impressive in its focus on details, quality and sustainability. The unique feel of outstanding lightness and flexibility in the fabric comes from the unique mixture of 73% Polyamide micro fiber in combination with 27% Lycra ®.

The performance and durability is truly outstanding. We had garments made when this project was first started 5 years ago that show no signs of aging. These pieces have been used and abused several nights a week and gone through countless washes without loosing the color or showing any signs of rolling or pilling. We are sure your Movem Shirt will be your best investment and a loyal companion for years to come.

The Movem Performance Tunique is proudly hand made by skilled professional seamstresses in the Chernigov region of northern Ukraine. This is the same factory who is trusted with producing T-shirts for the Ukrainian defense forces. Further more, every piece is quality assured before shipping to our customers. Be sure that no piece of Movem Clothing was ever produced by suffering workers or under inhumane working conditions in a sweat shop somewhere!

With the Movem Performance fashion you can be sure that not only you who feel comfortable but also for your partners in any condition. In fact what we wear while couples dancing we wear with our partners. There is not a single leader who wont absolutely love the smooth silky feeling of this piece of truly professional dance fashion!


Wash your Movem Performance items in 40°C. Hang dry preferably on a hanger. Avoid dry cleaning, tumble drying or extreme heat. Also avoid washing detergents containing beach, this will help the fibers remain elastic. Iron on moderate temperature only.

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