Movem Controller Bead Necklace

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With the Magic controller Necklace from Movem you will always have the control of the music on your chest to confidently control the music and the camera with style!

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Too many dance teacher attach their phone to the sound system in the beginning of the class and spend the whole class running back and forth every time they need to start the music. Believe me, students much rather see the teachers face, then their back while they control the music. Maybe you have your smart watch ready, great for you, but having the teacher look at their watch all the time maybe is not so nice either. But, there is a solution, that let you look good, present for your students and still have full control of your music flow! How cool is that!

Introducing the Magic Music controller, a sleek, mandala that you can attach to any neckless or bracelet to control your music. You can play/pause, skip songs and also change the volume of the music all while having the attention of your students in an iron grip! But it does not stop there. After the class, you can also gather the students, point your phone at the group and wirelessly take those awesome group pictures. First smile, and then a crazy one!  Yes. Just as it should be!

The Controller Necklace fits easily around your neck to be always available within reach of your hand. The Controller fits easily in your hand and  can be connected to any Bluetooth enabled device including iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows. Pairing is easy! Just press “Play” and “Photo” buttons on the controller and pairing in the Bluetooth settings in your device. Charging is equally as easy with the included by micro USB cable. The smart automatic battery preservation keeps it operating for months on a single charge. But, we off course recommend you make sure to have all of your devices, including your Magic Music Controller fully charged before your classes!

Your controller comes with the smart smooth Velcro attachment point so you can use it with any necklace that you desire! The Controller unit is available without the necklace or for you extra stylish artists out there, this product is also available with a custom designed beanie necklace with glitter and flare adapted to your taste. Make sure to check out the Movem Magic Controller Necklace Custom edition

Be the star you know you can be!