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Apple to the teacher

🍎What drives a teacher or an organiser? How anyone can help the community flourish.

The dance community is not about winning like in a competition. It’s more about keeping the game going.The only way somebody wins is if everybody wins.When a certain teacher manages to reach some success it doesn’t mean they take it from someone, it means that the community gets stronger, there are more people to dance with which in terms means more fun for everybody.And even if the actors on the market ask the participants to pay or manage to live on their dancing or generate some profit, money is never the only driving force behind organising workshops, socials or event festivals.

There is actually a currency that is far more important than money and that is attention and appreciation to want to keep going.When it’s possible to continue organizing dances without extensive resources, it’s impossible for an organiser to keep up the good work without positive reinforcement in the form of appreciation and support from the community. The ultimate support for somebody who takes the effort of organizing something is of course for you to show up. Showing up with a smile is even better.If you appreciate the space that your organiser or teacher manages to create or if for some reason you cannot be there personally, there is so much more you can do.It’s actually peculiar that most people give so little of it when it doesn’t cost anything and takes virtually no time and from our own experience we know how uplifting it is to get good and appreciative feedback from people around us.

We in Movem are absolutely convinced that people who show up to dances over and over without expressing a single positive word, don’t do this with the explicit intention of letting the organiser feel ignored. We rather believe that most of us in the community just simply don’t get the idea or don’t know what to do or just have busy lives.If you could even imagine how much a heartfelt thank you makes your teacher’s heart light up with joy, we know you would make it a habit. So based on years of teaching and organising we have collected some cool ways of giving attention that will guarantee will put your teachers heart on fire. Since we all live in a world made up of connections, even your few hundred friends is an extraordinary communication tool and used properly your humble words of kindness can reach people all over the world.

So here is a practical guide with three powerful ways on how to bring a virtual apple of appreciation to the table.
1. Express your gratitude to the teacher in person.Make a personal decision to become a generally appreciative person. Spend a thought or two on all the hard work and financial risk an organiser is willing to take to open up for dancing, bringing DJs and stars from other countries. Make a habit before you leave the event to find a team member, look them in the eye and express your gratitude for the time past. Make sure anytime you give praise to be specific and genuine.

2. Share your feelings after the event.Publish something on your own profile afterwards about the event. Make sure to take some pictures or videos that show the atmosphere in a good way. It can be a selfie with friends, with the teacher or some nice social dance on yourself or others. Write something specific that you liked and you can also tag your friends who were there.

3. Help spread the word.Like and comment on your favourite artists’ posts on social media. Especially after an event. Help spread the events and updates when your favourite teacher announces something. The algorithms will respond positively when people with shared interest share the same content. And when you share something, you will not only make the organiser super happy, you will also make more people come, which is probably more fun for you. Even if you can not come yourself you can still post and recommend people to show up.

These 3 tips are just a few ideas. Whenever you decide to be more appreciative, uplifting and take a bigger responsibility for sharing what you personally like. You will see positive effects. Both in yourself and in the number of people in the atmosphere in the events in your community.

Thanks in advance, sharing is truly caring.
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