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I used to have ambitions, now I dance kizomba!

- What behaviours did you let go off when you started dancing?


Before I started dancing, I had a lot of pointless ambitions. I spent every waking hour chasing fame and glory. Burning inside of me, was the thirst for respect, recognition and connection. In my mind Getting status through flashing luxury items would impress people enough to get everything I wanted in life.

I wasted so much time and energy accumulating more and more silly things. But the more possessions I stacked on top of one another, the more alienated I felt from other people. Inside of me there was still a feeling it was not enough and I needed more!

In the end, I collapsed under the weight of my own ambitions.

Then, I discovered Kizomba. Already at the first workshop I was blown away by the sweetness of the music and the stylish moves in the dance. A clear example of “Love at first Kiz!” 😉

As I started taking classes and attending social dances, I found out that Kizomba gave me a great reason to leave the keyboard behind at the end of the working day. The process of learning how to move myself and lead the partner was extremely fascinating and added a whole new level of fun in my life. As my skills developed I realized that I suddenly have got everything I ever wanted!

At the dance event, I can be just a dancer. Stepping inside the venue I see all smiling faces and feel the great atmosphere. To my amazement, just by showing up I experienced a kind of recognition, respect and pristine connection with other people that no expensive object could ever give!

Finally, I stopped chasing material things. Instead I started to focus on who I could be. I did not quit my job or stop working altogether, but nowadays I take work as work and it is no longer my only sense of self. When my focus shifted from what I take from life, to what I can give to other people, my whole life experience fundamentally changed for the better!

For me, Kizomba has become a true love story and the story continues!

– What is your experience? What destructive ambitions did you stop chasing when you fell in love with dancing?