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Kizomba dancers show up and don’t leave early!

- Have your thought about how much you showing up means to other dancers?`


💞 You might be more important than you think!

Most dancers might not always fully appreciate the value of them showing up. It’s so easy to think, “today I am a little tired”, “tomorrow, I have to rise up early”or “I have so much to do in my life right now”. You might also bare negative thoughts like “I don’t really like my dance”, “I have nothing to wear”, “Maybe this person will come or that person will not be there. In the end of the day you might think, “what difference can I make if I show up anyway?

Whenever these thoughts take over your mind and make you hesitate to get yourself dancing, Remember a crucial fact about our community!

We’re not dancing in a vacuum! No one is an island. We dance in a web of connections and your dance is not only your experience. Of course the people you dance with is in on the fun, but as your dance, add to the atmosphere, everyone around you will also be affected!

Maybe your smile makes someone’s day! Maybe the dance with you fills someone with inspiration. Maybe the feeling of connection will help someone to find the strength to fight one more day in whatever challenge they have in their life!

Many dancers might not think so much about how valuable they are to other dancer’s. And maybe it is hard to understand exactly what an impact a hug, a kind word or a high five from exactly you can have on another person.

Or maybe you do. You know that time someone believed in you when you didn’t believe in yourself? That time when someone was there for you with a kind word of compassion exactly when you needed it. Or that time, when you felt valued, how you naturally started to pass it on to others!

As your positive energy spreads like the ripples in a pond, a great number of people might be positively affected. But only if you show up!

Simply appearing, with your best smile is everything that is required. But, even better, if you add in the ambition to meet everyone on their level, try to dance with everyone, appreciating our beginners that put the hard hours in learning our dance and honouring people who spent years perfecting their techniques, you will contribute greatly in creating heaven on earth! At least for a few magical moments!

So today I ask you to take a deep breath, think about all the amazing experiences you’ve gotten from dancing so far and imagine all the amazing dances that you will have in the future. This might give you the strength to overcome the obstacles in front of you, and show up to create paradise together with the rest of us! 💖