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Let’s really bond our shoes with the soles

We in Movem offer special soles that you can put on any normal sneaker to make them into heavenly dancing shoes with a perfect smooth feeling on any surface, inside in the dancing studio or outside in the open air!

People often ask how to mount the soles on their sneakers.

The Movem soles are put on permanently. They are so durable that you can use them like normal sneakers every day. The sole in itself will not make the shoes more fragile, quite the opposite. Since they have less friction they will protect the shoes from wearing down. You can even throw them in the washing machine if the shoe can handle this kind of treatment.

Before putting the sole in place under your shoe, the sole pattern needs to be grown down to make the shoe completely flat. And then you need to find the right glue.

As it turns out, all modern sneakers are not made equal. Shoes you get can be manufactured using a vast variety of materials and mixes. Where any contact glue you find in the hardware store might very well work, using a glue that doesn’t fit the combination of your sneakers and the sole can lead to the soles losing its grip over time.

The safest way to convert your shoes is to give them to a professional cobbler. They have the right machinery to prepare the shoes and the skills to select the right glue and finish it off with precision.

Order them from us and leave them to your local shoe repair shop. Or send your shoe to us and our team of shoe repair experts with extensive experience of converting dancing shoes will surely make you satisfied.

We have a bunch of happy customers and experience with shoes in all different shapes and sizes.

These Adidas basket profi we found on E-bay. A great source of cool sneakers that they don’t make anymore.

Here you find all the dancing sole options available from the web shop: