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We teach progressive level


How Movems creative thinking is breaking the rules of teaching in couples dancing.

When you think about it, you have been learning dancing in the same way for a long time. We have got used to what a dance class is and maybe we got stuck in old habits? Maybe even without noticing that the needs of us dancers are changing.

By challenging the old patterns and questioning some of the presumptions Movem has created a progressive format, where we let dancers of different levels learn side by side. We have found that there are so many possibilities to learn faster, have more fun and finding new friends even faster when attending our progressive classes with us at Movem Live.

Here are 3 things for a start:

  • Visit and then re-visit your basics – To stay good you need to revisit your basics, again and again. Every great Kizomba dancer never stop developing the fundamental techniques in the dance. Every progressiv Movem class starts with presenting one basic step or technique with an unusual angle or twist. This gives the Kizomba curious people a cool way of getting in to the dance. And the more experienced dancers get new and inspiring perspectives.
  • Share and learn in productive collaboration – During the course of the workshop we build on the selected basic technique where more and more complex step combinations are presented. At the end of the class we present a challenge. Something that will take even the more experienced dancers for a ride. In this way we can all teach together where the participants need to join forces in order to learn.
  • Make new friends and build your future dancers – By bringing people together in this new way mixing all levels the more experienced dancers can help shape their dances of the future.

This is why the mix of levels and people are so important in these classes.

Movems unique class format brings something to the table. More engaging. More social. And with learning on multiple levels.

You know its safe to come as you are! Bring your friends and make sure your favourite dance partners also tag along!