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We are not in competition


If you are an artist, teacher, dj or organizer in the dance community. Remember that me and all the other artists, teachers, djs or organizers are your friends, partners, allies and colleagues!

Maybe the bond between us professionals are actually the network that enable connection in the scene. Phones on a network are not fighting for the attention themselves. If they function well, they would Instead collaborate with the other phones in the common goal to enable conversations.

The better we artists & organizers play well together, the more our communities will grow. The more we show that we can peacefully coexist, collaborate and pay each others respect by, for example, appearing on each others events the more admiration we will all receive from the participants in the community!

It is not the other artists or organizers you are competing with! It is the scarcity mentality in our own minds that is the enemy! There is an absolute mind blowing abundance in our scene and of people outside of the scene to attract to our classes festivals and dance floors!

Let’s play nice! Don’t be afraid to show your appreciation & support!