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Author: Marten Angner

How we found our favorite “Progressive” workshop format

There is as many ways of having a dance class as there are dance teachers. It is actually quite strange, why classes and ways of teaching is so different, is there just the ” best” way to teach a dance? As it turns out, How teacher teach seems to be more dependent on logistics, facilities

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Why do we try to solve problems dancers?

Someone said, a dance teacher is helping you solve the problem they helped us create! This is so so true. This pretty much summarize how the idea of the Movem products aimed at the social dance community came to be. But, why even bother? Creating products must be hard? Yes. True. Here is the story

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What does it take to play the game of Urban Kizomba

What does it mean to have proper basics in Urban Kizomba. We discussed this the other day and the best way we could come up with to explain it is to compare it with a strategic board game like chess. Having proper basics in a couples dance is to know how to play the game

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